Suzy, the dressmaker by Kira Parris Moore

Book: Suzy, the dressmaker

Author: Kira Parris Moore

Illustrated By: Federica Fabbian

Rating: 4.5/5

Suzy, the dressmaker is a children’s book for kids of age 4-10 years written by the author Kira Parris Moore. This is the story of Suzy who is a dressmaker. Suzy is good at designing dresses. But she has to struggle with anxiety.

Due to this anxiety, she worries too much. She couldn’t sleep at night and she kept on thinking about things that can’t turn right. But Suzy decided to overcome it. Read the story of Suzy and learn how she overcame anxiety.

This is a well written book with bright and colorful illustrations. Federica Fabbian as an illustrator has done wonderful job.

After reading this book I realized that many times, I suffer from anxiety too. I worry too much for things that doesn’t matter much. This book will help readers to learn how to manage anxiety. Positive imagery exercise was really helpful.

The cover page of the book is nice. The title is simple and apt. This story book teaches kids how to cope up with anxiety. I recommend this book to kids. They will love the story.

About the Author:

Kira Parris-Moore is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist residing in Durham, NC. She is a wife and mother of two young boys, ages 8 and 4. Her passion is mental health and helping children who have developmental and behavioral health challenges, which she has done over a 15 year career. She hopes that with her knowledge of mental health and gift of writing, that she can have a positive impact on families struggling with these challenges.

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Suzy, the Dressmaker (The Heroes We Know Book 2)

Lalibella the Ladybug: Paints her World by Kia Janeen Smith

Book: Lalibella the Ladybug: Paints her World

Author: Kia Janeen Smith

Illustrated By: Dodot Asmoro

Rating: 5/5

This is the fantasy story of a little ladybug Lalibella. She was the wish of her parents that was granted by the Great Lady Dragonfly Kibra.

When Kibra handed Lalibella to Mr and Mrs Rose(couple who lived in village beneath Mystical Mountain), she informed them that they will see Lalibella’s true colors in due time. Lalibella was a special and unique ladybug with a purple shell. Read this amazing story to know yourself why Lalibella shell color was different and what does it mean.

Dodot Asmoro as an illustrator has done a wonderful job. I loved the Illustrations. The plot of the story is unique and intriguing. The language of the book is simple so kids can understand it easily. This is a perfect story book that should be there in children’s bookshelf. Must read!!

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Lalibella the Ladybug: Paints her World

Book Review: Afros, Braids, & Curls: ABCs for Curly Girls

Book: Afros, Braids, & Curls: ABCs for Curly Girls

Author: Daniela J. Lopez

Illustrated By: Christen A. Whyte

Format: Ebook

My Rating: 4.5/5

Recently, I read this book and got to know about the ABCs of hair. I was so astonished to read it. I have never thought that related to our hair, entire A-Z can be defined. I learnt ABCs of hair from this children’s book. 

This is the first book written by the author and I would say that the content of this book is unique. I suggest girls to go ahead with this book and they will enjoy it. 

This book is basically based on the hair styles of black girls that have curly hair, kinks, braids, afros, etc. I agree when author say: U is for Unique as no two heads are quite the same. This is a unique book. It was a quick read for me and I was enthralled to read it. 

Pick this book and check out different hair styles and textures that author has in store for us. Looking forward to read more work from the author.

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Afros, Braids, & Curls: ABCs for Curly Girls

Book Review: It’s In You: A book for big dreamers

Book: It’s in You

Author: Sharifa Anozie

Illustrated By: Claudio Espinosa

Format: Kindle

Rating: 5/5

I love to read books based on dreams as they motivate me. It’s in You is a book for dreamers. It is a fantasy story. 

The main characters of the story is a helpful girl Ella and a caterpillar Patch. One day Ella asked Patch what did he want to be when he grow up? To this, Patch replied that he want to fly so high that he can touch the sky. Ella started thinking of all possible ways to help Patch whereas others doubted him. 

I learnt a message from this book to be with those who help us to achieve our dreams. If someone doubt us, then let them do. I really liked Ella’s character as there are very few people who actually help us. 

This story is written and narrated well. Illustrator Claudio Espinosa has done a fantastic job with eye catchy illustrations. This book stands out overall and doesn’t deserve less than five stars. This is one of the best children’s book that I have read till now.

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It’s In You

I Will Be Here by author Darryl Farley

I Will Be Here written by the author Darryl Farley is a children’s book for little kids as well as teenagers. This book is written by a black father for his son and to motivate other black fathers.

As we read the story, we observe black fathers play major role in their children’s life which is similar to the role played by other fathers, so it is important for them to be in the home.

A father is always there to witness his child’s milestone, to help them stand tall when they fall. While reading the book, I got emotional as it reminded of all the things that my father has done for me.

A father always teaches his children to be the best version of themselves. The narration is so clear and smooth. The language of the book is simple so kids can understand it easily. This book is written beautifully and kids should add it to their book shelf.

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I Will Be Here

I Miss My Best Friend by Penelope Lagos

Book: I Miss My Best Friend

Author: Penelope Lagos

Illustrated By: Sophie Moracchini

Format: Kindle

Rating: 5/5

I Miss My Best Friend by the author Penelope Lagos is a children’s book.

 This is a story of two twins Louie and Penni who always wished to have a dog. Their parents promised them to get it when they will grow up a little. So, when the twins became six, their parents took them to the animal shelter where they liked one puppy and named him Cassius.

Soon Cassius became part of the family and the best friend for twins. When Cassius got ten years older, he started getting sick and soon the kids had to bid him goodbye forever. Read the story to know how Penny and Louie dealt with the loss of their pet.

Tips to cope with pet loss given at the end of the book are wonderful. Sophie Moracchini as an illustrator has done a wonderful job. I recommend this book to those who has a pet or who had lost one. Well written book!

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I Miss My Best Friend

This is Me from A to Z by Rachel Chardea Brown

Book: This is Me from A to Z

Author: Rachel Chardea Brown

Illustrated By: Jocelyn Southern

Format: Kindle

Rating: 5/5

This is Me from A to Z is an activity book for kids. The book is written by Rachel Chardea Brown and illustrated by Jocelyn Southern.

The protagonist of the story is Apollos and other characters are his friends. Apollos is good in arts and always gets A+. His friends are involved in different activities and this gives different ideas to parents for their kids. They can pack jelly sandwich in their kids lunch, grow vegetables in the garden together, play Xbox, etc

Starting from A till Z, there are so many characters. Each character is different but yet similar like any other kid.

I really appreciate this book by the author as every character teaches something to us. I read this book to my nephew and it was an engaging read for us. He enjoyed this a lot. Parents should pick this book. I am sure that their kiddos will be happy to read it.

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This is ME from A to Z

Jazzy And Kettle by Rick Quinn

Book: Jazzy And Kettle

Author: Rick Quinn

Illustrator: Sefira Lightstone

Format: Kindle

Rating: 5/5

I have grown up but my love for reading children’s book is constant.

Jazzy and Kettle is children’s book for kids of class 1 or 2. It is a fantastic story about two kids who go for an early morning adventures in the woods and together they discovered the beauty of Spring season

When they saw flowers, bugs, birds, grass they wonder what their job is. They both saw deer, squirrel, climbed the tree and Jazzy even saw tomorrow. Kettle helped Jazzy when she was in difficulty.

Both the kids experience of exploring the woods was amazing and they enjoyed it a lot. This is a story that tells kids to explore the unexplored and overcome their fears. This is a great story with attractive pictures that will capture children’s interest immediately.

About Author:

Born in Queens Village, New York, 1951. Raised mostly on Long Island. Educated in Catholic Grammar Schools and Public High School, Attended Clemson University.
I learned to read by matching photos from the sports pages of newspapers with the words in the captions below. I developed a good feel for writing by reading the sport columns and political columns of the New York City newspapers, and a love for illustrated storytelling from reading Charles Schultz’s ‘Peanuts’ and Gary Trudeau’s ‘Doonesbury’.
My goal in creating Children’s Books is to get them excited to learn words. I try to do this by telling a story that makes them curious and happy, and leaves them wanting to hear or see it again!

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Jazzy and Kettle 

Three Times The Fun by Michaela Lincoln

Book: Three Times The Fun

Author: Michaela Lincoln

Illustrator: Noah Adam Paperman

Format: Kindle

Pages: 54

Rating: 5/5

I have grown up but my love for reading children’s book is constant. “Three Times The Fun” is a perfect pick that parents can read to their kiddos at bedtime. Those couples who has twins or triplets will definitely enjoy it more as they must have gone through the similar phase.

The most difficult phase with multiples is when they are below 2 years and they cry, pee at same time and hence, needs attention at same time. This book is about the wonderful journey of multiples who crawl, smile, play and grow up together.

The moment we hear the word twins or triplets, we automatically assume that they must have same looks and habits. But this book tells us that twins/triplets can have different looks and features.

The illustrations are so colourful that this book will immediately attract children’s interest. This is a short read of 54 pages only. Having triplets definitely must be a different feeling. I really loved the real triplets picture at the end of the book. They all are very cute. Such a nice book that children should add to their shelf.

Author Name: Michaela Lincoln

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Three Times The Fun

Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden by Cristina Craciun

Book: Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden

Author: Cristina Craciun

Illustrator: Odysseus Stamoglou

Format: Kindle

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden by the author Cristina Craciun is a children’s book for kids of age 5-10 years. The story is set in a village Lilotto. It’s a story about 2 siblings Olivia and Maro. One day, while playing in the field, they saw a unique butterfly. They started chasing it and then they realized that they had gotten far away from their home.

Olivia asked Maro to return to home as it’s lunchtime but Maro was reluctant. So, they chase the butterfly further and entered the cave. When the light strike cave and it got brighter, both siblings got nervous. Read the story to know what will happen further? Will they be able to catch the butterfly? Will they return home safely? 

This is a wonderful book that is written well and has beautiful illustrations. This is a perfect book for children with lots of adventures.

Odysseus Stamoglou has done great job as an illustrator. With five chapters in total, it was a short and enjoyable read for me. I strongly recommend this fairy tale to kids. They should add this book to their book shelf.

About Cristina Craciun

Cristina Craciun makes her debut as an author with her children’s chapter book Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden.
Born and raised in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, the author completed there her Bachelor Studies, before going on to attain a Master of Arts in Social Sciences in Germany. She has been an exchange student in the United States and is a winner of MLOW2016 international essay contest. She currently lives in Germany.
Connect with Cristina on Instagram: cristina_craciun_a
Visit the book’s page on Facebook: @oliviamarobook
or email at

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Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden