Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden by Cristina Craciun

Book: Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden

Author: Cristina Craciun

Illustrator: Odysseus Stamoglou

Format: Kindle

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden by the author Cristina Craciun is a children’s book for kids of age 5-10 years. The story is set in a village Lilotto. It’s a story about 2 siblings Olivia and Maro. One day, while playing in the field, they saw a unique butterfly. They started chasing it and then they realized that they had gotten far away from their home.

Olivia asked Maro to return to home as it’s lunchtime but Maro was reluctant. So, they chase the butterfly further and entered the cave. When the light strike cave and it got brighter, both siblings got nervous. Read the story to know what will happen further? Will they be able to catch the butterfly? Will they return home safely? 

This is a wonderful book that is written well and has beautiful illustrations. This is a perfect book for children with lots of adventures.

Odysseus Stamoglou has done great job as an illustrator. With five chapters in total, it was a short and enjoyable read for me. I strongly recommend this fairy tale to kids. They should add this book to their book shelf.

About Cristina Craciun

Cristina Craciun makes her debut as an author with her children’s chapter book Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden.
Born and raised in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, the author completed there her Bachelor Studies, before going on to attain a Master of Arts in Social Sciences in Germany. She has been an exchange student in the United States and is a winner of MLOW2016 international essay contest. She currently lives in Germany.
Connect with Cristina on Instagram: cristina_craciun_a
Visit the book’s page on Facebook: @oliviamarobook
or email at author@cristybooks.com

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Olivia & Maro: The Butterfly Garden

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